Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad, CUSAT
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  • 1. Cellular Manufacturing
    2. Operations research
    3. Computer based optimization algorithms
    4. Operations management
    5. Facilities planning

  • International journal publications :

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    Conference presentations and publications :

    1. An Overview on the Applications of Simulation Models in Cellular Manufacturing Systems” Proceedings of the international conference on Simulation modeling and analysis, COSMA 2009, NIT, Calicut, December-2009
    2. A robust design for dedicated cells under dynamic part populations, International conference on Mathematical modelling and applications to industrial problems (MMIP 2011), NIT Calicut March 2011.
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    5. Application of mathematical models in cellular manufacturing system design, National Conference on Buisiness innovations, Kalpatha, 2011, November 2011, College of Enginering, Trivandrum, India.
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